Technology Overview

Our practice always invests in the latest equipment and technology in order to provide you with the best care.  Our technology investments allow us to do the majority of procedures in the office without the need for referring you to a specialist for procedures such as root canals or extractions.  Additionally, we can perform single-visit CEREC crown appointments.  Being one of the first dental offices in the state of Michigan to invest in a CT machine allows for extremely unparalleled diagnostic capabilities and in the future will become the new standard of care.


sirona galileoS Comfort plus CT

Cone Beam CT technology allows us to create a 3D image of your jaw, sinus cavity, skull, and airway in order to achieve the best diagnosis.  One such use is to help plan for precise implant placement.  Integration with the CEREC Omnicam and MC XL Premium milling unit allows for fabrication of a surgical guide in order to facilitate precise placement of the implant body.  Other uses include detecting hard to find canals when performing root canals, diagnosing fractures in teeth, airway analysis for sleep apnea, etc.  This technology is digital, and in dentistry we are looking at hard tissues, so compared to a traditional CT in a hospital setting the amount of radiation necessary to produce a 3D image is approximately 100x less!  Another perspective; pilots who fly every day of the year are exposed to the equivalent of 72 Galileos scans per year.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Galileos
3D Airway Analysis for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliance Planning

3D Airway Analysis for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliance Planning

3D Jaw Analysis for Implant Planning

3D Jaw Analysis for Implant Planning

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - CEREC

CEREC Omnicam acquisition centers

A combination of computer assisted technology, 3D optical imaging, and 3D CAD/CAM software allows for ceramic restorations (such as inlays, onlays, crowns, veneers, or bridges) to be created in our office.  This computer and software allows us to take optical impressions which are then converted into a 3D representation of your teeth.  Dr. Ronto then creates and modifies your restoration using the CAD/CAM software on the computer.  Your restoration is then milled within a matter of minutes, using one of our milling units mentioned below. This eliminates the need for a temporary crown and a second appointment since the restoration is fabricated in office and bonded to your tooth in the same day.  

3D Optical Impressions eliminate the need for traditional messy impressions

3D Optical Impressions eliminate the need for traditional messy impressions

InLab mc xl & mc xl premium milling units

After creating your restoration using CEREC AC, a block of porcelain is placed in a four-motor diamond bur milling unit.  This milling unit receives the design information from the CEREC AC computer and cuts out the block of porcelain to match the design of your restoration to an exacting specification of within +/- 25 microns.  This milling process typically takes less than 10 minutes.  The restoration is then tried in and adjusted for fit before being placed in one of our two Ivoclar Programat or Sirona Speedfire furnaces.


St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - MCXL

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Programat

ivoclar vivadent programat cs ceramic and crystallization furnace

The CEREC Omnicam and inLab MCXL/MCXL milling units mentioned above allow us to design and mill porcelain restorations.  One type of restoration we use is called eMax.  This material starts out in a crystalline intermediate state and exibits a blue color and minimal strength right after milling it. Once we adjust the crown for fit, then stain and glaze is applied to give the restoration its luster and then the restoration is placed in this furnace to acquire its extreme strength, color, translucency and brightness.  

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Sinter

programat s1 sinter furnace

The CEREC AC and inLab MCXL/MCXL milling units mentioned above allows us to create long span bridges to restore missing teeth.  Bridges can be made of two parts, a coping framework, and a porcelain covering that is fused to the coping. This furnace allows us to sinter zirconium oxide copings (extremely strong coping material) in just 90 minutes compared to conventional furnaces that require 5-8 hours.  This means we can deliver bridges for you the same day, eliminating the often 3 weeks or more wait if a bridge had to be sent to a dental lab to be created.  The ability to do this in our office also eliminates the need for extra appointments that would have been necessary to try-in a framework before the porcelain is added.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Speedfire

sirona speedfire furnace

Like the Ivoclar Vivadent furnaces mentioned above, the Sirona Speedfire Furnace is also used to bake porcelain restorations.  With direct integration with the MC XL Premium edition milling unit, all the details of the crown being milled is automatically transferred to the furnace for the proper firing temperatures and durations.

Sprintray moonray S 3d printer

The Moonray 3D printer allows us to create implant surgical guides with extreme detail as small as 75 microns, and layers as thin as 20 microns.  


St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Lisa

W&H lisa steam sterilizer

Hospital grade type B cycle sterilizer ensures instruments are steam and pressure sterilized after each and every use

hydrim automated instrument washer

All instruments are run through this washer before being sterilized in our Lisa Sterilizer

The instrument washer is more effective at removing debris from instruments than manually hand scrubbing instruments

It has been shown to remove 99.9% of protein

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Hydrim

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - W&H

W&H electric handpieces

Offers a narrow head for better access to hard to reach molars

Extremely quiet operation compared to traditional dental drills

Pentahead - cooling from 5 directions (helps prevent overheating of tooth structure when drilling)

valo multi-wavelength led curing light

A blue light used to setup tooth colored composite resin filling material

It has a precisely collimated beam that provides consistent and uniform cures ensuring that the filling/core buildup material is thoroughly and evenly setup

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Valo

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Promax

planmeca promax digital panoramic radiograph machine

Has a child PAN mode that reduces x-ray radiation by 35%

Horizontal and Vertical Segmenting can reduce x-ray radiation by up to 93% compared to a full digital PAN

schick 33 cdr digital radiographs

Instead of traditional film packets, a digital sensor is used to take radiographs.  Digital “x-rays” require less x-ray radiation to expose the image, which can reduce patient exposure by up to 90% compared to conventional film radiographs. 

The Schick 33 radiographs we use have the highest resolution in the industry, providing us with the clearest radiographs possible for enhanced diagnostic capabilities. 

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Schick 33

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - ScanX

scan-x digital psp x-rays

In addition to the corded Shick digital x-ray sensor, we also have wireless digital radiographs.  They also can reduce patient exposure to x-ray radiation by up to 90% compared to conventional film packets.

root zx

An electronic apex locator that is used when performing root canals.  When doing a root canal the canals need to be throughly cleaned out all the way to the tip of the root (apex).  This devise measures in wet or dry canal conditions with class-leading accuracy of 97.5%

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Root ZX

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Elcomed

w&H elcomed surgical handpiece & coolant delivery system

Allows dentist to adjust bur speed, torque, coolant supply volume, and transmission ratio

Supplies a coolant when drilling into the bone in order to prevent overheating and loss of bone when placing an implant

polaris intraoral digital camera

This intraoral camera allows us to take extremely detailed close-up digital photos of your teeth in their present condition.  This helps us to show you what we can see, and assists in explaining what might be occurring with your teeth

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Polaris

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Amtel

AMTEL inter-office communication system

Allows the front office to quickly let staff know of your arrival

Allows clinical staff to respond to indicate messages pertinent to your appointment

paperless charting

We are a paperless office.  This allows us to quickly and efficiently access to your information, including charting of present conditions, treatment plans, clinical notes, xrays, referral reports, digital imaging, periodontal charts, procedure history, insurance benefits and frequency rules.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Paperless

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Loupes

surgical loupes

Allows a magnified view of your tooth for higher detail to be placed in restorations, and for hygienists to see more when cleaning your teeth


Multi-Axis spiral suction

Designed and manufactured by Dr. Ronto, the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction is a revolutionary dental suction tip that makes your appointments more comfortable.  The unique design prevents the tip from grabbing your tongue or cheek during appointments, offering a more pleasant experience.  In fact, it has been so well received by the dental community that it is actually one of the most award winning products in the industry.