St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Shellie


Business Manager

I have worked in the dental field since 1992.  I have been Dr. Ronto’s business manager since 2002.  I take care of all the financial aspects of the business, and manage the front desk and scheduling.

Our patients like the fact that we are so thorough.  Starting with the initial phone call our patients understand what to expect from scheduling the appointment, to the actual treatment, to what their insurance will cover.  Dr. Ronto is very compassionate in explaining the treatment to our patients and listening to their concerns and fears.  He treats all of his patients as if they are immediate family members.

I enjoy working for Dr. Ronto because of his compassion and honesty that he has for his patients, as well as his staff.  He is very conservative and the patient’s best interest will always be first.

I am a native of Baroda.  My husband and I have two boys who are both married; Jeremy and wife Kristy, Andrew and wife Gina.  I enjoy spending time with my family and spoiling my grandchildren.  I also enjoy camping, gardening, and snowmobiling.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Chris



I have worked in the dental field since 1980.  I attended Ferris State for a year and then attended Paramedical Occupational Center in Los Angelas, CA where I received my certified dental assisting degree.  Having assisted on dental procedures gives me the knowledge to understand your symptoms when you call the office.  

Dr. Ronto is amazing!  He genuinely cares about people and staff.  He has a real love for the Lord and that's what makes him the amazing individual that he is.  His love encompasses and is reflected in everything he does for both his staff and patients.

I was married in 1982 and I have two beautiful daughters and one amazing granddaughter and grandson.  I become a widow in Oct 2007.  In 2013, I started working with Dr. Ronto's office.  Losing my husband has been very hard, but this job has brought healing through laughter and the family atmosphere amongst staff.  I have never had a job that I loved waking up and going to every day until I started working here.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Dan


Account Manager

I have worked in the dental field since 1998 in various positions.  I have assisted during procedures, managed the business aspects of a practice, ordered supplies and equipment, and even managed a small dental office remodel project.  I have been with Dr. Ronto’s practice since 2008.  Currently I help patients with their insurance benefits and claims, review Accounts Receivables, assist with scheduling, and am responsible for marketing & operations for Ghost Mfg, where we manufacture the Multi-Axis Spiral Suction, the innovative suction tip created by Dr. Ronto. 

Our patients like the fact that Dr. Ronto is conservative in his approach to treatment.  They also enjoy the staffs’ willingness to help.  Although we typically have an extremely full schedule, patients know they can count on us to get them in sooner should they have an emergency arise.

I enjoy working with Dr. Ronto because I believe in his philosophy.  He is conservative in his treatment plans, cares about the work that he does, is appreciative of his staff, and has a great sense of humor.

I have been married since 2005 to my wonderful wife Elizabeth.  I have 3 children: Kyla, Addison, and Noah.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Helen



I have been Dr. Ronto’s hygienist since he established his practice in 2002.  Starting a practice from ground up was very challenging.  When we opened our doors patients were few in numbers but our quality of care was never compromised.

It has been rewarding to see our practice grow over the years.  Having been with Dr. Ronto from day one, what I have always admired was his ability to relate to patient’s and make them feel that they are the only important person in our practice.  I have been a dental hygienist since 1975 and I could not imagine doing anything else. 

I am proud of my profession, but not as proud as I am of my two grown children; my lovely grand daughter Gracie, and grandson Owen.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Sue



I have been a dental hygienist with Dr. Ronto since 2006.  Some of my duties at the office are CPR training and perio treatment.


My first encounter with Dr. Ronto was during my interview.  He seemed to be very straight forward about what he wanted in a hygienist.  He wanted his hygienists to have passion for dental care that matched his.  He puts the patient first.  It is important that the patient understands what needs to be done in the office and what home care they must do to achieve the best oral health possible.

My husband (Jeff) and I were married in 1992.  We have been blessed with three great children; Jessica, Kevin, and TJ.  We are very active in our local community of Decatur.  Our family enjoys spending time together camping, attending 4H events, being involved with school sports, and working on our small family farm.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Paige



I graduated Kalamazoo Valley Dental Hygiene Program in 2010, and have worked with Dr. Ronto since 2011.  

What I love about our office is that there is always a since of fun between staff and patients.  Dr. Ronto knows how to make his patients feel more at ease with his easygoing nature.

I've been married since 2006.  My husband and I have three children.  




I graduated from dental hygiene school at Ivy Tech in 2013. I’ve been working with Dr. Ronto since 2016. I love working with all ages of patients and enjoy helping them better understand their oral health and home care.

Dr. Ronto is an amazing dentist who is down to earth and puts all of his patients needs first. I love working in this office because the atmosphere is light and easy going. The best part is that you’ll always find laughter when you’re here for your appointment. Dr. Ronto always gives 110% and will work with you to get the best care you deserve.

I’ve been married to my amazing husband Michael since 2007. We are blessed with three beautiful children; Layne Emerson and Kourtney. I truly love my profession and am grateful that I have the opportunity to work for an amazing dentist and office.

St. Joseph Mi Dentist - David Ronto - Angie


Dental Assistant

I have been a chairside assistant of Dr. Ronto since 2000.  I have a wide range of duties from ordering supplies to some hands on dentistry and everything in between.  The best part of my job is of course the patients.  Even though the procedures can be the same, the patients make it very fun and interesting.  I learn a lot from our patients and take to heart their fears and worries.

Our patients like the fact that Dr. Ronto spends a lot of time explaining what needs to be done and the possible consequences if it isn’t done, and how it will affect the patients overall health.  I enjoy working with Dr. Ronto because I can always trust that he will never cause a patient any pain, will always be honest, and the end result will be as perfect as humanly possible. 

On a personal note I am originally from Mishawaka, IN and moved to Southwestern MI in 1985.  I have been assisting since 1986; started as a co-op in high school.  I am married and have 2 children; Zachary & Katie.  I enjoy spending time with my family and outdoor activities, especially biking.



Dental Assistant

I have been dental assisting for the last five years under Dr. Ronto.

I enjoy working with Dr. Ronto because of his conservative approach to dentistry: he never over-diagnoses someone. He always puts the patient’s needs first and makes their comfort his first and only priority. He takes the time to explain things to his patients to make sure that everyone is always on the same page.

I grew up in southwest Michigan and am currently undergoing the process of applying to dental school.



Dental Assistant

I have been a dental assistant for 5 years. Three of which I have had the privilege to work for Dr. Ronto. My duties as an assistant require a lot of dedication and hard work, assisting with simple procedures and a wide range of very intricate procedures such as implants.

Working for Dr. Ronto has been a privilege. I use the word privilege because not many of us can say we have been blessed with the kind of person he is as our employer/dentist. I previously worked in for a big corporate dental chain. Before this office I almost lost my passion for dentistry. Since coming here I have learned tremendously and my passion for dentistry has since returned. Having an honest, ethical leader to work for is the best. Having happy patients is always rewarding.

I have 4 children; Brennan, Kyle, Ayden, and Ayvah and an awesome boyfriend. We enjoy spending time with our kids, traveling, and doing sports.



Dental Assistant

I graduated Dental Assisting School at Indiana University Northwest in 2014. Always knowing that I wanted to work in the dental field, going through assisting school validated that. I love helping people and making sure their experience in the dental chair is nothing but positive. Working with Dr. Ronto has been the greatest experience. His outlook and approach to dentistry and treating patients is top of the line. This practice makes me proud to be part of such a great team.

I moved to St. Joe from Northwest Indiana in October of 2018 when my husband and I got married. We love the outdoors and going on hikes. During the Summer months we spend our time at the race track or going on vacation.